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Special Sake Summer 2015

Denshin Natsu -Daiginjo Namazake (unpasteurized)- DENSHIN’s summer sake has a pleasant, fruity aroma. This sake is filtered by “FUKURO-TSURI”, a method involving using only gravity to filter 10L bags of moromi …

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Summer Special Drink 2015

  “KAGUA” beer  ~Belgium ale inspired by Japanese flavors~       Kagua’s unique ingredients of Yuzu and Sansho pepper makes it an attention grabbing beer enjoyed by many beer …

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Reserve Now! Toshikoshi Soba Package for 12/31/2014

Now we are taking orders of our annual limited time offer “TOSHIKOSHI SOBA Package” for 12/31 2014. It’s LIMITED TO 100 ORDERS! The package includes Homemade Soba for two Dipping …

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