Bring Sobaya flavors
to your home kitchen.
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How to cook sobaya original soba noodles

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It's easy. Just like cooking angel hair pasta!

Cook noodles in a big pot of boiling water for 5-6 minutes, stirring occasionally
To serve cold: Drain in a colander, rinse noodles under cold water, drain well, and place on plate. Serve with 3 oz of Sobaya homemade premium soup base as a dipping sauce.
To serve warm: Drain noodles. Mix equal parts Sobaya homemade premium soup base and boiling water, about 6 oz each or to desire taste. Place noodles in hot soup and add your favorite garnish.


Serving Ideas

Soba can be eaten cold or hot, with soup, your favorite dressing or even stir‐fry to deep fry. Soba noodle is vegan and soup is pescatarian however you can add any toppings with your own recipe.


Cold Soba - Traditional Style:  dipping sauce or soup
• Raw vegetable (radish, carrot, cucumber, nameko mushroom)
Uni - Sea Urchin
Ikura - Salmon Roe
• Tempura (any seafood and vegetables)
• Hot tempura dipping sauce with duck


Cold Soba Salad - Salad Style: any salad dressing (great suggestion to Vegan)  
• Mesclun salad
• Seaweed salad
• Raw vegetables (cucumber, tomato)


Hot Soba: Hot soup
• Vegetables
• Tempura (any seafood, vegetables)
• Pan fired duck
• Curry soup
• Chicken
• Tofu

Stir Fried: soy sauce based Asian sauce or any type of sauce
• Vegetables
• Tofu
• Chicken
• Seafood


Deep Fried: as noodle or topping
• Soba chips snack
• with Ice cream
• Topping for salad
• Chinese style runny sauce